Sunday, July 7, 2013

Empties of the month of May/June

So I used very many products in my opinion in the month of May/June and hopefully start using now also in the summer. I like using products because I have collected too many during the past and now I'm drying to shrink my collection. It is already much smaller as I have sold and given away some products.  I did this post in 3 parts, things I liked and would repurchase, what were ok or I liked but I would not buy again and for the 3rd part things I didnt liked. This idea I got from Liz blog.
Great amound of empties
I liked and I would (or already have) bought it again
1. C:ehko Silver-white effect enhancer 10€ - The best product what takes yellow away from the hair. even I have darker haircolor now I love to use thisproduct because it maked my hair looks nicer. But from monday I will go lighter again :) I have used this products for about 6 years or so. But sadly they changed the ingridients some years ago and before it was better, but I haven't found any better product

2. Diffusil Repelent Spray - best spray againts any bugs and mosquitos etc. Since I have spend a lot of time in country side this year this is essential product for me. And as u can see I have used this 3 bottles. I use this every time I spend more time outside.

3. John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoo & conditioner 8€ each - I love most of the John Frieda products, because they make my hair very nice and easy to manage. It has been my favourite for long time and you can read me raving about this product in this blogspot.

4. Garnier Fresh Essentials Eye-Makeup Remover - Already have a short review.

5. Venus Breeze Gilette - I added this just because I wanted to share how good are these razors. you dont need any shaving cream to shave with these. Because they have big gel strip in there. I have used them for 3 years. Loving it.

6. Acca Kappa White Moss Shower Gel - This is shower gel from Hilton hotel and I really love this, I totally want to buy this, but the full size bottle is 34USD, so propably not - way too much for the shower gel. But who knows...

7. Lumene Matifying Primer - I did loved this primer, but I used it for soooo long and I have no idea why. But, i would like to buy it again, it did matified my face nicely, but now my face have gone more oily so will see.

8. Maxim Sensitive Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 18€ - Yes the best anti-perspirant in the world, literally the strongest. I have to use it only once per week and I don't sweat a drop. I suggest it to anyone who haven't dicovered it. Also, I have used it for few years.

9. Garnier Mineral InvisiCool - again one good deodorant, what keeps you fresh a lot. I like to use it when Maxim looses it power but I don't want to apply it again, also I use it when I forgot to use Maxim. I love it, this is my favourite drugstore deodorant.

10. Sensodyne White Repair - My favourite toothpaste of all time. Again I have used it for years and loved it for years.

11. elf  Eyelid Primer - I like this primer and this is really cheap. I already have the second of that what I use and propably will continue using it, I am satified and my eyeshadow doesn't crease.

12. elf Luscious Lipstick in Nude Pink 1.50£ - I really loved it but I think they have changed the ingridients because the second time I ordered it wasn't so good, but maybe it was the wrong color... I have check this again.
Products were goodish, but I have found better ones or replacement
13. Byphasse Face Tonic - It was really good because it was without alcohol and since I use acne creams I can't use much products with alcohol. It was with rose water and it was nice to my face. Also it lasted to me from september, it is a big 500ml bottle. It was nice, but I would not propably buy it again, because I want to try some new products.

14. St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Foam 6€ - It was really good and I did loved it indeed, because it gave u a great colour, not orange also it was easy to apply - but you should use a tanning mitt to apply it and I was sure that I will use it forever, untill I tried Xen - Tan what is my favourite now. So yes, but this is a good affordable self tanning product.

15. Loreal Elvital Arginine resist conditioner - For me it wasn't nothing special, it did it work ok, but that it. Propably I will not buy it again.

16. Fa White Grape and Jojoba Milk Shower Gel - It was with interesting and quite good smell, but nothing special. Would not buy again.

17. 2 Garnier new cream testers and Loreal cream tester - They were ok, but I would not buy these product to my face, I try to be quite natural on my face using pharmacy and natural products.

18. Huggies Baby Wipes - I love removing my foundation with baby whipes and Huggies are my favourite ones, but it really doesn't matter what kind of brand it is - I mostly buy one with dicount. So yes, doesn't matter so much.

19. Olfen gel for muscle pain and painful joints - It was fine, but not like a big favourite. 

20. Nail buffer- Good one, but again no brand or something I don't care for this, I just buy one from the nailart shop.

21. Elf mineral foundation in shade Fair - I used Elf mineral powder for very long time and I loved it, but now when I'm again using Bellapierre and now Elf feels not that good at all. But still OK, and for this price it is good. Bellapierre is like 37 per container this is 5 euros.

22. Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara - I did love it indeed and it was very-very good mascara, but sadly it tried out really quickly and was nice looking for only for a month. This is sad - so now I have found other mascaras what are better.

23. Maybelline Volume Express in blue - This mascara just dried out, I used it only for few times. I like this mascara, just the blue color wasnt muvh every day color.

24. T-zone nose strips - even I don't have the package left but this was the last sheet inside. So I added it anyway. It was OK, nothing special - didn't remove all the blackheads but still did some ok work.

25. Elf eyelid primer in bronze? - It was nice and shiny looking, but it dried out really quickly once again. But I prefer the original one anyway, this I used only for special occasion when I used some shimmery eyeshadow.

26. Ardell fake eyelashes - i love them, but this specific one was wayyyy to long and looked ridicilous, but some other ones I will defenetly use more.                                                                                                                                                                                      
27. Delia after sun balsam - I didn't like the smell and I didn't even used it up. So thats is that. Also I didn't feel it was doing anything for my skin.

And also the other stuff I would not buy again. Too lazy to continue the list... happens :)

All the best,

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Outfit of the Day: Riga ZOO

So yesterdat I visited Riga zoo with my brothers family and this is what i wore:

Simple t-shirt - Takko
Bag - Playboy
Sandals - Feng
Earrings - eBay
Bracelets - from Macedonia

Love my earrings :)

And my fab new sandals.
All the best,

Monday, July 1, 2013

New sandals - I'm in love!

So today is stopped by in the Chinese shop called Feng? I think. Anyway this is a little shop in Võru, but I also saw this shop in Pärnu. I really liked one top in there but in the end I only decided to buy this amazing sandals. I have never seen that kind of sandals before, but maybe because I haven't been in shops :D Anyway these are my brand new sandals with huge flowers.

Sandals from Feng 13.99€
Enjoy summer,

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Empties of March and April!

So I found the pictures of empties of the months of March and April. And I am tooo lazy to explain the empties. But I have collected now empties from May and there are a lot. But if there is any question is some product from the pictures good or bad then you are welcome to ask :)
Empties of the month of March

Empties of the month of April
All the best,

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Concept2 sõudespinning - parim trenn ever

Umbes 5 aastat tagasi tutvusin masinaga concept2, mis on põhimõtteliselt sisetingimustes sõudmise masin. Algselt loodi see masin, et sõudjad saaksid ennast ka off-seasoni ajal vormis hoida, kuid peagi sai see populaarseks ka tavainimeste seas. 

Üle kuu aja tagasi vahetasin oma spordiklubi ja olen nüüd paikne Arena spordiklubis Tartus ja minu suurimaks õnneks on just neil olemas sõudespinningu rühmatreening. Muidugi kohe esimesest trennist ma taas armusin sellesse trenni ja ever since olen käinud seal iga nädal vähemalt 3 korda nädalas. Ma käiksin sõudmas palju rohkem, kui ei käiks nädalavahetustel vanematel külas. 

Mina soovitan soojalt kõigil selle ära proovida. Minu sõbranna jumaldab seda trenni ja peale seda kui hakkasin seal käima lõi teinegi sõbranna kampa, kes on nüüd siis taas sõltuvuses - peale seda tulid trenni ka meie ühised sõbrad - kes mõlemad armastavad sõudmist. Niisiis jah, seni ei tea ma kedagi kellele concept2 rühmatreeningud ei meeldiks. Eks muidugi oleneb kõik ka treenerist ja milline treeneri stiil just Sinule on sobiv, kas meeldivad lühikesed ja kiired seeriad, pikad ja aeglased vms. Eks peab kõik ise läbi proovima, et leida just see õige. Arena spordiklubis on 3 treenerit, kelle käe all saab trenni teha - minu lemmik on Jannar, kuna tema trennid on rahulikumad, kuid samas peab just rahulikus tempos kõik lihased tööle panema ning jääb aega ka tehnikat jälgida.

Lihased mis on sõudmisel töös
  • Sõudmine treenib kõiki suuremaid lihasgruppe: jalgu, käsi, selga, kõhu- ja tuharalihaseid.
  • Sõudmine treenib lihaseid läbi laiema liigutusulatuse kui teised harjutused - lihased venivad ja liigesed liiguvad suuremal määral, arendades niiviisi painduvust ja liikuvust.
  • Sõudmine ei kahjusta liigeseid. See sobib ka neile, kellele näiteks jooks või rattasõit on vastunäidustatud.
  • Sõudmine arendab nii aeroobset kui ka anaeroobset võimekust, samuti ka jõudu.
  • Sõudmisega põletad palju kaloreid, õigel pulsil töötades ülitõhus rasvapõletustreening.
  • Sõudmine on spordiala, mida saab nautida igas vanuses.
  • Sõudmisel on liigutused sujuvad, rütmilised ja kokkupõrkevabad.
  • vähendab stressi ja rahutust
  • hoiab vormis teiste spordialade jaoks - surfimise, mägironimise, ujumise, jooksmise, rattasõidu jt. alade jaoks
  • aitab kaasa üldisele heaolule ja enesehinnangule
  • aitab kaasa kaalujälgimisele, vererõhu alandamisele
  • sobib lõdvestumiseks ja rahunemiseks
  • harjutused vigastuste raviks ja rehabilitatsiooniks
Trenni saad piiluma minna kahjuks vaid 4 linnas, Viljandis, Pärnus, Tallinnas ja Tartus. Vaata kus trennit toimuvad SIIT.

Kevadist päikest,

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Finished products in February (lot of them)

So in the end of the January I decided that I need to start writing finished products of the month, because I just have too many products and also many of them are enough for only few uses, but they are just sitting there and collecting dust and I have no motivation of using them. So I was very good cleaning my cupboards this month and here are the products I finished:

20 products in total :p
1) Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
I don't think this must be even introduced, one of the most popular perfumes since it came out, in some period of time every second woman smelled like this. 

2) Nina Ricci Nina 
This is my absolute favourite and this was the 3th bottle that I finished, I might buy this again - but since I have way too many perfumes I first have to finish the old ones. But I defenetly will encourage you to try this one out.

3) Lancome Miracle
I had this small tester bottle, but I really love it, I had this tester years ago and I didn't like it - but then in the end of the last year out of the blue I discovered it and started really loving it. I think I might buy this one day also, if I finish my old perfumes

4) Fiorucci I Love You
Yes it seems wierd that I finished 4 perfumes in one month, but the thing is that in all of them there was only few day product left, I kept this perfumes and I didn't want to finish them, but now I finally did it. I this Fiorucci bottle I had one week pefume inside for like 5 years... yes 5 years, because I really love this perfume, it is very nice sweet scent and they don't sell it anymore. I think I might buy this one from eBay or something... I love it!

5) Garnier Fructis Volume Restructure Conditioner for Thin and fragile hair
Well my hair isn't thin and fragile, but they are very dry. It says that it is without silicons also, I guess that is extra, but in the same time, it wasn't something special. It moiztured my hair, but propably will not buy it again

6) Schauma Repair & Care Conditioner for dry and damaged hair
Same story that with Garnier, it was fine, but probably will not buy this again. Another plus for this product was nice coconut smell.

7) Rich Pure Luxury Intense Moisture Shampoo
I must say that after using this small tube it is one of the best shampoos I have ever used. It moizturesis my hair very well, leaving the silky and soft. I'm so going to purchase it again, when I get some spare money. I'm living university student life again, so that means that I'm on a low budget.

8) Moschino Funny! Perfumed Body Gel
This is quite much perfumed, so if you use this for all over the body then you are ready to go, no extra perfume needed. This body Gel is very refreshing and is perfect after sauna or after shower on a hot weather. It also moizturises your skin, but not very much. I got it on a perfume set and I must say that I love this scent.

9) Joik Deeply moisturizing hand and feet salve with emu oil
I LOVE it! This is the only product what really moisturizes my feet now in the winter. I used to put it on heavily and then put socks on and keep in over night, in the morning my feet were baby soft. I will so gonna buy this again. Another bonus that this is 100% natural <3 Double win!

10) Lirene Instensively Moisturizing Cream
For me it was a cream what didn't do anything for me. It says that it is deeply moizturizing, but it was quite light for my skin, propably because it is winter also. 

11) JOIK Facial Day Cream with Rose Hip & Wheat Germ Oils
I remember that during the summer I loved this cream and it was enough moisturizing for my skin, but now in the winter it is too light. Also what I really didn't like was that it was more like a milk then a cream, i wish that the consistancy was more thick

12) Oriflame Giordani Gold Make Up Base
I really love to put this base under the mineral make-up, because it is also bit moisturizing and during the winter my skin gets really dry. But I don't like it under the liquid foundation, for me it my face will be too shiny then. But I will order it again soon :)

13) Anti Stress Sauna Masque
It make your face really warm, but I must say that I didn't like it much, it didn't clean my pores at least I didn't felt like. Since I have been using much better masks, this is loser for me

14) Garnier Fresh Essentials Eye Make-Up remover
My favourite make up remover at the moment. I have used this one and I already have the same on in use. It says that it even removes waterproof makeup - well not for me, but normal make-up ise removed with that very well. Also it has nice and fresh smell.

15) Garnier Pure Active Blackhead Cleaning Srub
I don't know what to say about it, I stopped using face washies because I felt like they dry my face too much. If someone has some good moizturizing face wash then they can let me know.

16) Bronzing Powder
I don't know the company because it has been worn off, I think it is Wet'nWild, because I bought it like millions years ago from Seppäla. I really loved it, because it was almost matt and I used it to conture my face with that. I haven't seen it anymore though. it lasted really long also.

17) ELF Mineral Foundation in Porcelan
I have used these foundations more then 10 packages and I keep using them. Just because they are really cheap. My favourite is actually Bellapierre mineral make-up, but that costs aorund 40 euros, but this one is like 3 euros with discount. I wish it had bit shine inside, it is very matt. But still, I'm loving it. I always buy light color, Because I have some other ones what are way too dark so I can mix them and use them up also. Anyway, if you are looking for a cheap alternative, then this is it.

18) ELF Personal Blend Foundation in Light
Well this is same deal as the other one, only with this one you will get 4 colors, so it is good, you don't have to panic when the summer is coming and you don't have to buy darker foundation. Also this is good who use solarium and whos skin color changes every week :D

19) Guerlain mascara in Noir
This must be the best mascara what I ever used. This was a gift from my sisters and I must say that it is really good, now I can see that high end make-up can be better. I maked your lashes really long and thick. It has also two brushes, small and big one :) If I had money I would buy it again, but now Maybelline is doing its work good as well.

20) Ginger tablets
So I don't really know why but I decided to add this here also. I use these tablets before bus, ship and plane trips, because I tend to get seasick. Also I took them on a period when everybody had flu, because they are supposed to be good to your immune system.

I'm happy that I was so good using my products last month. So after I made this blog post I can finally trash them and make some more space in here. I'm only keeping the two pump bottles, it is good to but some creams there to carry with me, and why not to change the package for some foundation, because I hate those bottles where you have to squeese the product out.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Order from

So I haven't posted in ages, I know... I hopet started posting before, but I was so busy with my school - this is not an excuse, but yes.

So I ordered from everything5pounds and this time only 3 products, last time I ordered in September or so and next time will be in the spring.

I like everything5pounds product because they are just extremely cheap, ofcourse you can't wait good quality, but so far I have been satisfied with the quality and they last for at least one season.

So this is what I got:

1) Nice long knit, I got it in color beige, but I got only black picture (this is sold out by now)
I'm not so excited about it, because the material is really thin, but I quess it is nice one to just put on when your in a hurry.
2) Golden Spike Wedge Trainers
I haven't worn them yet, but they feel really comfy when I tried them on. I'm waiting for a spring to wear them. They would be nice with jeans :p

3) Studded Zebra Print Boots in brown
These are my favourites at the moment and I have worn these almost every day since I got them. They look so different and funky, I really love them and for another plus they are really comfy.

So I hope that this time I will start doing posts more often, but I dont promise anything. In my list there are:
     a) Empty bottles of the month
     b) Favourites of the month
     c) Loreal Extraordinary oil review
     d) My everyday makeup routine
     e) GIVEAWAY!

Hugs and kisses