Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finished products in January

After I posted my september to december finished products, one of my blog readers succested that I should also add there what I liked and what I didnt, and add prices. I was thinking that is was quit good idea, even I don't remember all the prices I will write how did I liked these products.
This month has been really productive, if u can say so, because I was trying hard to finish all my bottle bottoms and I am really satisfied with the result. Next month there will be certainly less products since I'm moving to Macedonia for a year and most of the products what I take with me are new or bit used.

1. Some kind of Russian Hair Conditioner
It was really random product, didn't do much for me.

2. Nizoral Shampoo, round 12€

I had problems but now It's solved, so good product for that!

3. Neutral Baby Wipes
I really loved these babywipes first, they were also bit more expensive then random ones. But these started to dry out really quickly, so this was the sucky part.
4. John Frieda Go Blonde Shampoo, round 8€
My absolute favourite shampoo. It lightens your hair gradually and gives that nice sunkissed effect. I really succes this to those who have naturally lighter hair, it suits really well for Estonians "natural" haircolor. Also it is really moizturising for bleached hair also, when I was coloring my hair lighter it really made my hair silky and nice looking. It is also some of my friends favourite shampoo.
5. Garnier Mineral Deodorant
I don't like deodorants what u have to spray - I don't know why did I buy this. I will never ever purchase this again.
6. Lush Grease Lighting, round 4,90€
I already have review on my blog. Read from here. It is my top favourite pimple killer!
7. Cehko Energy Color Coctail Silberweiss, round 8€
My absolute favourite product removing yellow pigment from hair. I've used this tens and tend of bottles. Sadly they changed the ingredients like 2 years ago, but it is still the only product that can make different in my hair. No silver shampoos or conditioners have ever worked for me. So if nothing works for you - try this!
8. Maybelline Falsie Volume Express Mascara
It is nice mascara, but I will not purchase this again I think, I want to try different ones and there are so many Maybelline new ones I want to try out. Not that excited with this one.
9. The Body Shop Dewberry Body Lotion 4,74€ (from Prague on SALE)
I bought this lotion because of the scent, it has really nice scent, what is possible to describe - really different. It also leaves your skin smelling really good. It gives decent moisture to my skin, but I'm not big lotion fan, I really prefer creams and butters for my skin - specially in the winter. Better for normal skin and in the summer.
10) Envie Yogurt Cream Mask aprox.10€
It was really moisturizing for my hair, it is ment for damaged and dry hair. Also it is in 1000 ml package so it will last you for ages, especially if your like me and want to try out all the different products, so u don't use the same one all the time. This is maybe product minus also, if your hair are not dying for moizture and you have short hair then don't buy this. It takes ages to use this. I love it and yes, I would buy it again - it was also quite cheap.
11) Delia Cosmetics Good Footfoot cream
Some random cheap foot cream - I don't like the scent, it is this old school cream scent. Also it's too light moisturizing for me. Would never ever buy again.
12) Lush Face cleanser - Buche De Noel 7,20€
I have used only one more Lush cleanser - Angels On Bare Skins - I really loved that one, but Buche De Noel I love even more. It also lasted me for quite long time, for 3 months (I used it only in the evening). It cleansed my face really well and took off all my foundation. I felt also that it gave bit moisture to my face - when to compare with random face cleansers. I really wanna try some other Lush cleansers, I have my eye on Aqua Marina. But I would buy this again also! Sadly it is Limited Edition. I could buy back-up, but sadly it's not going to be fresh for that long time, since it is natural.
13) Loreal Eye & Lip Waterproof Make-up Remover
My absolute favourite. You can read more about it here!
14) Make-up Store Max Lashes Mascara in Black 13€

Love it! It lasted for a really long time (no, I don't change mascara after every 3 months, I drow it away when it dries out or starts to irritate my skin or eyes) andit  really made my lashes pop out. First I didn't liked it, because the formula was really watery - but the formula just dried normal after a while and then it became my favourite mascara.
15) Loreal Blush ( I don't know the shade because it was impossible to intentify it from the package, but it was something to do with Rose)

It was my fav pink blush for long time. Every girl has to have a pink blush. It really suited me in the summer and also in the winter.
16) Oriflame lipstick in shade Seductive Nude
I love it so much, it was my favourite nude lipstick for years, until I got MAC Creme'd Nude. Ive used these 3 packages and I still have 3 at home. It doesn't make-up that pale, it's quite perfect. Also it has bit plumping effect so at first when u apply this,it has a tingeling effect.
17) Manhattan Original Japanisese tuss 5€
I really loved it in high school. I used like 4 of these, but sadly these run out so quickly or the tip gets ruined. It stayed on rally well and didn't smudged.
So these were the products I finished in January.



  1. Mulle meeldis Delia jalakreem väga, nii lõhna kui koostise poolest. Grease Lightening jälle ei meeldinud üldse, ei toiminud minu arust :P

    1. Eks kõigil on oma eelistused, kahjuks minul ei niisutanud see jalakreem eriti. Samas Grease Lightening on alati abiks olnud, hetkel 3mas potska käsil :p

  2. Mhm, maitse(te) üle kakeldaksegi :)