Monday, June 22, 2015

Creativity to Make Shipping Container Homes

Shipping Container Homes - Today, more and more architects and builders cargo containers used for free or for sale at a discount to build all types of apartments, houses and office structures. But lest you think you need to go the route of hiring a professional, you should know that some do-it-yourself designers like Keith Dewey set their own shipping container home plans.

Shipping Container Homes Ideas

His own home, for example, is constructed from eight used containers stacked in a field expedition. On top of that, it came with all kinds of house plans and drawings started loading ranging from simple, robust and easy to build complex, conceptual, whimsical and almost impossible to build.

Sequence structures houses above shipping container is somewhere in between. Built around the standard sizes, these buildings use a combination of container base and a classic wooden frame, metal sheds and other cheap construction materials and traditional approaches and construction. Although it would be by no means a free trip to a new home, these standard components combined with used packaging would greatly reduce costs.

The end of the spectrum, shipping container houses more conventional design is this house that combines modern concrete, stone, glass, metal and a set of colorful shipping containers in its base. Although they bear little resemblance to their cousins ​​in the maritime freight, each package is still standing in the overall design.

What if he had not heard of a new condominium space for sale, but you had to bring your own condo with you once you buy it? Speaking of end-yourself project, the design of the container transport tower is an excellent mobile modular housing concept and futuristic. Imagine being able to simply move to get a price list, a truck and call and send home by land or sea to another round of your choice.Thanks for reading Creativity to Make Shipping Container Homes 

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